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Related post: Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 06:44:09 -0700 From: Timothy Stillman Subject: G/M Adult/Youth "The Quality of Mercy" "The Quality of Mercy" by Timothy StillmanMaybe it's autumn. Maybe he lolita girls pic galleries has followed you home. Maybe he has passed you by and is in your home now. Maybe this time home means something. Is no longer a four letter word. Is no longer a prison and does not have pain mixed in with the mortar and bricks.Maybe he is ten. Maybe he is pretty and pale and lanky and kind. lolita little 11 models Maybe this time you won't be jerked around. Having a shadow of a boy branch pulled in front of you and when you are desperate enough, and aren't you always desperate enough?, have it pulled back quickly, torn from a grasp that never was. Leading only to a gasp. Leading no nude young lolitas only to the lead part of the world down deep. Where the iron magnets clamp you down tight again.Maybe the wind smells of loam. Maybe the cooling loli repon info guestbook edge of it has knives in it, whispers of winter world. Whispers of no more seduction. Except the seduction of walking into your bedroom and seeing him there, golden child. Indian nobility. All the Arab dust shaken away. Sarcophagus open and life restored. Chilly hills of paddocks. Clearances where the sheep roam and a sky of belling and lolita nude guest book blue is above so close you can see the clockwork mechanisms of eternity.Still he might be. Naked. Small limbed. Tremble smile. Gentry and class distinction forgotten. Pulled to insignificance. Maybe the house is warm again. Maybe his little rose bud penis is hard and small and his balls are like bluebird eggs in size, the kind you saw one summer day in the branch of underage lolitas in thongs the elm tree in your yard, when you got brave enough to climb it lolita girlie model pics and dizzy enough to fall from it. As you saw the speckled miracle of life before it began. And wished woozy on bent grass to have it always in your eyes.The before the beginning. When things had a chance to be right. Maybe this boy on the bed, limbs spread, arms at his sides spoked out, fingers so very fragile and tiny spread as well. His eyes seductive pre loliltas camel toes and warm and knowing, as only a child's eyes can be. lolita teen movie preview His lips little thin membranes. The veins underage russian busty lolita in his cheek and forehead and side just below his hip beating blue. Little vague typewriter ribbons from a typewriter you had as a child, on which you typed your dreams. And mixed up consonants. Made run on sentences. Made no sense. Save to your heart.Maybe he is stroking his groin. Maybe he is touching himself. His vague nipples. His wisp of a body. That seems long of limb at the same time the opposite. Maybe kids russin lolitas teeens he is smiling the way you used to smile when the first day of cool cleared the summer away. Maybe he is everything you ever wanted. Maybe he is carnival at the end of summer. Maybe he is the boy you followed, dick led, around Wal-Mart one summer night, hoping he would see you. Turn and see you. young lolita pics bbs And this time, not turn away. Turn away. You both.Maybe he is the season with its mercy. Maybe he is mid October with the smoke of mist making him what he is. Maybe he beckons like a lighthouse on a shore you never could quite make out, it was so far away, and yet telescoped at the same time.Maybe he puts the tip of his tongue to nude latino lolita photos the center of his lips. Maybe he undulates his hips. Maybe he is the dream come true. Maybe there is nothing for you but to fall in love again. Only this time, the love is wanted. The love is real. Maybe his golden hair is being touched by you now. Maybe it is long and silky and his body feels of silk too. Maybe the bones in him are little bird bones. preteenie lolita model girls Maybe he has had no one all his life, just like you. pre teen lolitas desnudas Maybe somewhere some slumbering giant of the earth stove through the tumbrels of sleep and conjured up a present, tied with a pink ribbon, this gift, and said take, eat, love, commune, it's over, the bad times are finally over.And it's maybe not a trick or a joke or a come on and maybe it's not scary and maybe it's warm and felicitous as it was when you were a boy and fell in love the first time and did not know, except at some primal level, that kept it all mercilessly secret, this was a wrong thing. Maybe you look at that boy now on your bed and he is the first boy you ever fell in love with and the second and the third. And the special one. In the chambers black preteen lolita pictures of your culitos sexi porno lolitas soul that you never really got over. That you never took down from the headlines no matter how faded and tattered. Because you have to believe lolitas little girls fotos in something and thus chose to believe in him.And maybe you are kneeling by the bed now. Maybe your arms are around him around his waist and his chest, cameo, miniature of photos de pre lolitas idylls that had fauns in them once upon a time and the light from the table lamp is soft flow gold. And the day is winding up and throwing down more and more darkness. Mottled at your window. Molded by this perfect boy gamin on your bed, as he turns to you, turns his whole body to you. And breathes dandelion fuzz to your neck.As he says, "don't be afraid; please don't be lolitas sexy nude little afraid. I'm not here for any reason other than you." And his voice maybe is reedy and high, like that of a little girl's, and you put your hand nude angels lolita bbs trembling maybe on his penis that pulses in that hand. That believes in you as his hand delicate and somewhat trembly puts his hand on yours and on himself. Maybe there is morning in his smile. Maybe there is nothing more than the re-creation of tomorrow. As though he is molded of adorable young lolitas preteen soap. Fresh and invigorating. And you remember the lime smell of the soap you used in childhood. And the luxury of being naked in the bath. And playing with your erection top lolita pthc pics the very first time.And maybe he tells you lolita fed young cock to take of your clothes. And maybe you are not you anymore. But the someone you have been pretending behind the pretense to be all along. And maybe there is nothing more than salvation here. Maybe there are doors in this tiny bedroom with its hidden "Boy" magazines that stare forum lolitas xxx pic back at you and mock you and tinge babygirls lolitas kid models the years with sadness like sardine cans tied to your eyes, the terrible tinned claustrophobic feeling of that.And maybe he is on his knees now. A fluid boy. A boy of passing interest to no one but you. A boy whose beauty has been seen never. Save by you. And his little penis juts out. It is like a pink lollipop. It has a foreskin. His eyes glitter as though something is somehow beautifully wrong with them. As though he might not be able lolita boys play nude to see well. He blinks often and he does not, it appear, focus normally. His shoulders are brief. Eclipse of a sentence before it falls off a cliff.His smile is one hard won. Bitter fought. As though he came through tremendous somethings to get here. loli girls panties shots He is leaning to you. Turned to you now. He is lolita models nude bbs all bones. He is all boneless at the same time. He is every dream you ever dreamed at the libraries of your and school. He takes your shirt in his fingers that have pronounced whorls at preteen lolita panty upskirt the tips and the back. He is a master progenitor. He smiles up at you. And weaves magick in the place of your shirt as he helps you take it off. And you are someone else. The person lolitas preteen pic models you once pretended to be. And were.He looks up at you maybe with adoration. He puts his warm face maybe against your naked chest. He puts his tiny arms around you and pulls you close. His voice tells you soft quiet moist summer things. He is diffidence. He is tentative. He is magick that is unsure of itself. And you feel such compassion for him. You feel maybe such little girls lolita models sympathy for him that it seems like your heart will burst maybe. He is holding you tighter than anyone has ever held you before. As you run your hands over his warm flanks and touch the beginning of his cleavage in his hips.He maybe pulls you "please sir" onto the bed with him. He is Hermes. dark lolita young nude He is the mail from Euromag that finally arrives in your mailbox of a long endless day of suggestion and tease and torment and turn away from and walk away, leaving you akimbo and silently screaming in your head. He is Denmark and he is Holland and the brick streets there (do they still have brick streets there?). He is the boy pose. He is Kirsten and Dicky and he is all the photos you have rammed into your head. To keep the sanity inside. Stuffed there for them. For it and you and whatever powers you that maybe drives you to the brink at the same time driving Euromag to the bank.He lies with you maybe. He is a boy with a silver heart. With a curve inside his mind that takes him to the shadows of the stars and what waits there for him and now what waits possibly there for you. He banishes with his warm hands on your face tracing your gauntness, lolita shemale free pron your sadness with his fingers, bursting the pain and the loneliness with his gentle gifted fingers. He banishes the Elder preteen lolita hardcore porn Gods and a skeleton man who did nothing apparently but write monsters and drink hot bitter coffee all the days through.His is Tony and Tim, "heroes before the bath," giggling and playing and bending over, with sun burst smiles and laughs, pretending to put penis to ass and one boy sweet dreams lolitas home falling to the free japan lolita clips bathroom floor of clinical white in black and young pretty bbs lolitas white photos, on his back, while the other, also naked, stands over him and reaches down long and long arms and friendliness to the laughing supine boy whose heavy feet are kicking in the air and whose penis is frustratingly covered by his legs going straight up and then crooking downward.Maybe.And he kisses you maybe. And it is the first time a boy has kissed you. And there are rain storms in the kiss. And there are maybe trees to run to and hide under and maybe the rain is silver as the dream in his mind, and maybe all along that dream has been you. And maybe you are the tree he is now naked, toes straddling, climbing. And maybe it is the first of Autumn and maybe amature nudes forum lolita it will never be the second.And maybe he giggles like Tony and Tim before they get in the tub of soap and hot water and scrub each other russian pay site lolita down "priperly" as the misspelling for other photos of other boys had it. And there is maybe boy for you and the boy is the one you always saw on lolita bikini model bbs cold street naked young teen lolitas corners before the light changed to red and you could walk across. Never wanting to walk across. Never wanting to go away. Maybe he is the midst of fairies in the autumn Camelot mist. Maybe you do not have to ride away. Maybe he is now asking you to stay.And maybe he is forming a ladder of himself. As he asks you maybe to tell him what you think of him. And maybe you trace him with your fingertip from nose down to neck lolita art not underage to chest with rest stops at each nipple and then downward to belly button and then maybe halting and the giggle in both of you. Maybe familiar. Maybe shared. Maybe today you do not want to little lolitas 10 yrs die. Maybe today you want to live. Maybe this is a good feeling.And maybe he reaches his hands, they seem waterlogged, for some reason, somewhat wrinkled, not with age, but with youth, and as if he has been under the sea for a long time, and he is not sure how to survive yet on land. And maybe he wishes you to tell him. And maybe in the telling, done with touch, and not with words, maybe this is all that is needed, as night presses against the glass of the bedroom windows and this time IT is the face pressed at the candy store window. Always that. And not yours. Maybe for a change.And maybe he is winter cold house and maybe he is warm pajamas and lots of thick covering for shivering under. And maybe his hand holds your erection that is large to him. And maybe he plays with it. And maybe there is nothing but a vector of love and sex merging. Maybe this time you can say I love you and he wants you lolita girls underwear pics to. And he wants you maybe to listen to him and put your ear to his chest and feel his rapid beating thrumming heart. And the gurgle of his stomach. And the pulsing of his penis. As he draws you and collects you. Like autumn leaves maybe before the burning. When the respect is there. And the awesome church windows collected from all those Catholic centuries past.And maybe he lies on top of you and you feel such winter warmth in him. And find all the contradictions hilarious and well kempt and beautifully edged and glowing with the finery of a strawberry window at Saturday dusk from childhood too lolitas bbs post board busy too alone to be forgotten. hentai de lolitas bbs And maybe he wiggles on you and sits up on you, like Dickie in the photos, but Dickie was ill looking, haggard, sad, lost and never to be found, while this boy, this real boy before you and on top of you, rubbing his tiny balls on your navel, this boy has the health of forgotten in him.This boy maybe has the health of this is who I am and I am to be the best of it, not someone else. Maybe won't you share the woods with me, for there must be you, for there to be me. Little gift boxes of warmth and making dream lola top sites up for from maybe the both of you. Maybe this is the first time you have ever laughed. Maybe this is the fear, the rejection receding. Maybe it is so good to nymphet loli nude pics be naked with him. Maybe it is the world come down soft and more than you as a convenience, or you as the butt of yet another clever joke. Maybe this time you are needed as much as you need. Maybe if possible even a little more so.Maybe he feels you early teen lolita free behind him. Maybe he feels your hard on kds chil loli pedo and reaches his hands behind and holds it and strokes it like maybe it means something to him. Maybe he puts your hard on at the tip of his butt. Maybe you wish there were other words than butt and cock and ass and the other things, like, fuck, that will make the poetry of what is to happen worthy. The words to the act. The body in its boy/man nobility. And no words save whisper warm spoken, and he puts you gently, with a sigh maybe at his lips, and a grin bigger than tomorrow Christmas promise, that this time will be kept, as he puts you at him.As you begin to feel the interior. As you begin to feel the all ness of him pre lolita first orgasm as he slowly guides with your help, both of you helpless innocents most willing free loli photo hardcore to learn, as he slides onto you and holds a moment and grins and closes his eyes and maybe gasps and maybe sighs and maybe there is no pain for him and maybe his tightness his dryness his secret of all secret places was made to fit you and maybe only you. very young lolita kids And maybe then this little thin candle of a penis is in your hands as you are engulfed in him.And maybe you make love. The real kind. The kind that counts. And matters. And maybe you hold him afterwards in your arms and maybe you are trying to tie up the lose ends in yourself as best you can, for his going away soon. There is always the going away. And cold street corners to see him on, vague and ghostly, until the light turns red and you have to cross the street and walk away.And in the shadows, now the night of the room, maybe the two of you sleep. He atop you. And maybe you hold when lolitas es webcam girl you sleep him and maybe there is the soft silent stroking of your penis by his hand this beautiful half awake boy and maybe the warmth of your cum cements your chest to his and it's maybe so good not to be alone. Maybe for a little while. But maybe there is evermore only a little while.And you dream of fairies on your lawn in summer. Maybe you are Conan Doyle and you believe such things the ancient camera showed and even if it is proved to be a trick, such an obvious one of ghost exposure that they could do back those centuries even, maybe you still believe the little sprightly things out there, maybe you still hold together because you have to believe in something you cannot see.And maybe you awake in the early morning hours. And maybe you awake to find yourself alone, or maybe you wake to find yourself with him still there and on underage lolita top kdz top of you, the gentle weight pressing you down, keeping you on earth a little while longer. And maybe he is awake and smiling shyly at you, like in a film you bought through a friend who hurt you so badly and made you sure it was totally all your fault, thus killing memories. Like maybe everybody you ever knew made sure to kill the good memories before they left. Like maybe this dream boy will also do so.And he puts maybe his mouth to your left nipple and he tingles electricity to you. And maybe you hold him. And maybe this time he is not going away. lola teen non nude And maybe this time it will never be Autumn the second. And maybe this time makes all the sad collages of all the other days of your life not count, never have existed. The monsters turned to monsters and thus gone and banished for good. And the light begins to bloom vaguely in the windows. And the silver curve of the boy's mind becomes his little blooming hard on verging at such a cute delicate angle, and this time he maybe asks if he can take you in his mouth.And maybe autumn is the most beautiful season. And maybe this time it is for always, for keeps, and cross my heart. And yours too.Please accept ukranian lolita nymphets photos this story, as a gift, personal like, from me to you. Maybe. The End Timothy Stillman
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